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Star Blazers Series 1 The Quest For Iscandar Collection 6 Dvd Boxset

Series 1 The Quest For Iscandar Collection

Voyager Entertainment, Inc.

A listing of characteristics include format - dubbed in english and 600 minutes. For the greatest price on this Star Blazers toy and various other products, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

Genre: SCI-FI Manufacturer: Voyager It's 2199 along with the relentless planet bombing from the Gamilons threatens to destroy life on Earth. 600 minutes Format - Dubbed in English s a race against time for the Space Cruiser Argo! But when the deadly radiation starts penetrating their subterranean cities, it? s remaining survivors are forced to reside underground? Launched on a 148,000 light year quest for the planet Iscandar, they hope to discover an advanced technologies that may possibly neutralize the contamination. In this classic adventure, Captain Avatar has turn into dangerously sick because of radiation poisoning. Earth? Then the Star Blazers discover that a single particular of their force is not who they seem to turn out to be? Will they be able to create it in time? And if they reach Iscandar, who, or what, will they really find there? Meanwhile, Derek Wilderstar and Mark Venture are waging a private war of their own. With only 1 year to reach the planet, can they navigate the depths of space and survive the attacks of the Gamilon fleets now stationed at Pluto? if they want to live at all.


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