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Space Battleship Yamato Digital Grade Gashapon Figure - Cosmo Tiger Type 2 - Red

Space Battleship Yamato Digital Grade4 Star Rating
Space Battleship Yamato Digital Grade
Space Battleship Yamato Digital Grade Is Just Interesting To Play With

Space Battleship Yamato a great Star Blazers toy made by Bandai in fact is a good time to play with. I certainly liked that it had the feature of import japanese product contains a japanese text insert. Other highlights include assembly is required. Searching for Space Battleship Yamato . For additional details on this Star Blazers toy, visit our partners via the button below.

battleship yamato digital grade gashapon figure

Savings Price: $11.99

Space Battleship Yamato. Each and every comes packaged inside a clear plastic bag, with an included Japanese text insert. Additionally, there are 2 fighters, 1 battle damaged and one regular version. This really is really a selection from a set featuring the Yamato and an additional capital ship, plus cross-sectional versions. Each figure sold separately. This a build-up Gashapon, and requires assembly.

Features List

  • Import Japanese product contains a Japanese text insert.
  • Randomly selected between regular or battle damaged
  • Assembly is required.

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